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Become a Coding Master of the New Generation

One thing is for sure – coding professionals rarely find themselves without job offers.

There are also enviable paycheques and numerous promotion opportunities.

No wonder people of different ages and vocations are lately deciding to pursue a career in coding.

In case you are among them, you are in the right place!

Our Platform Will Be Your Personal Coding Guru

We know your schedule is already crowded. This is why our learning platform is completely flexible. You can adjust the learning pace depending on the amount of free time you have throughout the day or week. There are no deadlines to be met, no worries!

Whether you choose front end or back end, you’ll gain valuable practical knowledge.

Once you go through the Interview Prep questions, you can start confidently applying for new positions.

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There must be a course here that interests you. Browse and start learning!

Information Security and Quality Assurance Course

This course holds advanced Node and Express curriculum, and it also helps you become competent in HelmetJS and Chai.

Responsive Web Design Course

These lessons cover everything from basic HTML and HTML 5 to Basic CSS, CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid.

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Course

We begin with the Basic JavaScript and algorithm scripting, and even reach the intermediate level in the latter part of the course.

Data Visualisation Course

You’ll get the chance to data visualisation skills, from data visualisation with 3D to JSON APIs and Ajax.

APIs and Microservices Course

Get the grasp of the basic Node and Express skills and learn how to navigate npm and MongoDB and Mongoose.

Front End Libraries Course

This course contains classes that cover several Front End Libraries such as jQuery, React, and Bootstrap.

Coding Interview Preparation

Practice your knowledge through numerous potential interview questions in different areas – from algorithms to Project Euler.




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